I like Calgary – it has many of the qualities of a major city, but something is different. The city is situated on the flat prairie lands but to the west the Rock Mountains are visible. With the Bow and Elbow rivers, the environment comes together to give a unique appeal even within the city’s core. Of Particular interest in downtown Calgary is the pedestrian focused “Stephen Avenue” – it has an appeal similar to that of “Sparks Street” in Ottawa.

When arriving in Calgary, I did see many people with Cowboy Hats in the airport. But even more interesting was the decorations with historical basis in the settling of the prairies – including both references for native populations/settlements and those of european settlers and cowboys. The results is a hint of the wild-west and Canadian culture.

The downtown area of Calgary is a pleasant walkable zone with fascinating architecture and very a enjoyable riverfront walk. Office buildings downtown are named for some of the major industries in Calgary namely oil industry, banking and telecommunications.

The city overall is well situated and feels well designed. I do look forward to returning. (especially in warm weather!)

Posted Saturday, February 11th, 2012 at 10:25 am
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