Thunder Bay is an excellent semi-remote city in Ontario. Although many people have mentioned the great outdoors experience in the surrounding area, I haven’t experienced it. I do know that the temperature can drop very low in Thunder Bay. I had the experience of -40 deg. C! Stepping out of the airport felt like walking into a deep freezer.

The city exhibits the norther Canadian city feel. (Difficult to describe, so you really need to experience it first hand). Indoor malls are common as the city gets quite a lot of very cold weather in the winter time.

A popular type of pastry is “the Persian” which is like a flat cinnamon bun with pink icing on it. I understand that The Persian originated in Thunder Bay – and many people tell me that you HAVE to eat a Persian in Thunder Bay. (Add it to your bucket list if you are keeping one!)

I would absolutely love to return to Thunder Bay and especially to explore the surrounding vast tracts of nature.

Posted Saturday, February 11th, 2012 at 12:02 pm
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