I’m Richard Chmura, founder of GoStats.com, entrepreneur, loving father & husband, gifted thinker, workaholic, soccer-player, softball-player, economist-enthusiast, classical-music listener, part-time-audiophile, optimist, humorist, creative spirit and charismatic leader.

I enjoying following important events, learning about the newest trends, and connecting with others. Feel free to ping me if even just to say “Hi!”. I always welcome that.

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Festung Hohensalzburg
– A rainy day in Salzburg, Austria.

Richard & Melissa @ Hitler\'s Eagle\'s Nest
– Two love birds on a mountain

I won sales person of the year for Junior Achievement
– During school I was involved in Junior Achievement. I succeeded purely due to persistence and hard work.

We take a photo of Lawrence every month to track his growth
– Here’s my son Lawrence @ 3 months old. He’s much bigger now. Hard to believe he was premature.