My friend Hamlet Batista is visiting me here in Canada. I’m sure he had to endure some rush hour traffic on the 401 (busiest highway in the world) to get here from the airport. We even had the opportunity to cruise around University of Waterloo with the convertible roof down during a brief downpour. Hamlet is a very smart guy – one I would consider a first mover with many internet marketing related ideas. He is also very scientific and methodical with his approach. We were talking about some great strategy & marketing ideas and Hamlet has a wealth of information; if you have the chance to hear him speak or meet with him, I strongly recommend it. Hamlet is also a great mentor, be sure to follow Hamlet on twitter.

Hamlet is the reason I’ve started blogging today. Included in his pitch for me to do so is a short story about his time at customs. Long story short: the customs officer did a Google search for “Hamlet Batista” – saw his blog and his status as a successful entreprenuer and internet marketing professional. “Personal branding” – It’s important so people know who you are, know what you think and provides a great starting point for future success.

We had a great time we had and I look forward to meeting with Hamlet again soon!

Posted Friday, June 13th, 2008 at 7:54 pm
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